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ACER guidance

Prišlo je do napake pri branju podatkov iz seznama.

​ACER guidance

The ACER non-binding Guidance is directed to National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs) to ensure the required coordination and consistency in their monitoring activities under REMIT. The Guidance concerns the application of REMIT, in particular the application of the definitions set out in Article 2 of REMIT 
The Guidance  is deliberately drafted using non-legal terminology and does not  provide an interpretation of REMIT. It is made public for transparency purposes only. The non-binding Guidance will be updated from time to time to reflect the changing market conditions and the experience gained by NRAs and the Agency in the implementation of REMIT and through the feedback from market participants and other stakeholders.


Comparison of 1st and 2nd Edition of the ACER Guidance

​​Further information is also available in the Q&A section  of this website.