Security of Supply

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Security of Supply

​​​​​​​The Projects of Common Interest naturally contribute to enhance the security of the European gas supply. The degree of this contribution is assessed with the help of the cost-benefit analysis methodology. 

Under the European regulation on security of gas supply, ACER is mandated to decide on CBCA reverse flow projects, to issue Opinions on exemption requests and on the elements of coordinated decisions taken by national authorities, as well as to participate in the Gas Coordination Group. 

In its opinions on the cost-benefit methodology for gas​, ACER advises on how to improve specific issues connected with security of supply.

To better identify the benefits of a stable gas supply, ACER has carried out a dedicated study on the cost of disrupted gas supply (CoDG). 

​​​​The study provides findings and suggestions for establishing a baseline of negative impact against which the merits of a project or “soft measure" can be assessed.

The study is accompanied by a “calculator" assessing the potential negative consequences of interrupted gas supply.