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​Career opportunities at ACER

You may find information regarding the current vacancies here.
ACER engages staff in different categories.
To fulfil our goals, all our staff performs against a set of competencies, as established in the Agency’s Competency Framework​​

Temporary Staff
Contract Staff
Seconded National Experts
Interim staff
Career development


Temporary Staff

Temporary Staff posts are offered for a fixed period of 5 years with a possibility of renewal. In general, Temporary Staff posts are classified according to the nature and importance of the duties in:
  • Administrators' function group (AD): comprises eleven grades (AD5 - AD15) corresponding to technical, administrative, advisory, linguistic and scientific duties;
  • Assistants' function group (AST): comprises nine grades from (AST3 - AST11) corresponding to executive, technical and clerical duties.
Temporary Staff are required to serve a probationary period of nine months.

Contract Staff

Contract Staff are classified in four function groups according to the nature of work:
  • Function group I: Manual and Administrative support;
  • Function group II: Clerical and secretarial, office management and other equivalent tasks;
  • Function group III: Executive, drafting and accountancy and other equivalent tasks;
  • Function group IV: Administrative, advisory, linguistic and equivalent technical tasks.
The duration of contracts for Contract Staff varies according to the needs of the Agency. Contract Staff are offered a contract with a fixed period of maximum 3 years which may be renewed.

Contract Staff whose contract is concluded for duration of at least one year are required to serve the following probationary periods:
  • Six months if employed in function group I;
  • Nine months if employed in function group II-IV;
When the duration of the contract is less than twelve months, probationary period is not foreseen for Temporary and Contract Staff.

Seconded National Experts

Seconded national experts (SNEs) are national or international civil servants from a national, regional or local public administration or an International Governmental Organisation (IGO), working temporarily for the Agency under the rules applicable to such experts.

Their task is to assist the Agency’s staff, carrying out the duties assigned to them under the Work Programme. National experts have the same obligations as other Agency staff.

SNEs are not recruited by the Agency; they do not become Staff Members of the Agency but remain employed and paid by their initial employer, who seconds them to the Agency. As compensation for the additional costs of living temporarily abroad, SNEs are entitled to daily and monthly subsistence allowances.

The initial period of secondment of national experts may not be less than six months and more than two years, renewed up to a total period of four years. The period of the secondment may be extended further by the decision of the Director.

Interim Staff

The Agency may need to seek support from interim staff in cases of absence of staff members or for specific tasks to be performed on a temporary basis; under periods of heavy workload; for the organisation of events, meetings and workshops, receptions and welcoming events.

Interim staff is engaged through local contracting agencies. Vacancy notices are posted on various Slovenian job portals.



Trainee positions are aimed at young university graduates in order to help them acquire technical and operational experience through everyday work in the Agency in order to to further put into practice the technical knowledge they have acquired during their studies or professional careers.

Traineeships last for a minimum of three months to a maximum of six months and may be extended once to a subsequent period of up to six months.

You may find further details about the Traineeship Programme here.

Career development

A performance appraisal report assessing abilities, efficiency and conduct in the service is drawn up annually for every staff member. The purpose of the exercise is to assess the work that has been carried out and the results obtained by the jobholder and to encourage future career prospects and professional development and define training needs. The results from the appraisal exercise form the basis for the annual reclassification exercise.

Based on the training needs of staff members and the interest of the service, an annual training plan is prepared and delivered, while further training opportunities - available for staff - complement the annual training plan. Staff members and SNEs have the opportunity to benefit from the provisions of language and personal initiative policy.

Apart from the opportunities for professional development, staff members may be subject to reclassification and advancement in steps. A staff member who has been at one step in his grade for two years shall automatically advance to the next step in that grade. The advancement in steps and grades results in higher monthly base salary.