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​​​​In 2011, the Agency for the Cooperation of  Energy Regulators (ACER) was assigned an additional task under Regulation (EU) No 1227/2011  of the Eur​opean Parliament and of the Council on wholesale energy market integrity and transparency (REMIT) pub​lished on 8 December 2011. 
REMIT introduces a sector-s​pecific legal framework for identifying and penalising insider trading and market manipulation in wholesale energy markets across Europe.

Organisation within the Agency

In November 2016 the Agency established two new REMIT departments, replacing the previous Market Monitoring Department. The Market Integrit​y and Transparency Department and the Market Surveillance and Conduct Department. Both departments share joint responsibility for tasks under REMIT and work closely together.  

MIT Department

The Market Integrity and Transparency Department (MIT) is responsible for general REMIT policy matters, market data reporting, data quality, data sharing, Business Intelligence tools and market data management tasks under REMIT. More specifically, the four key areas of work are as follows: 
  • Coordinating National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs) on general REMIT policy matters, including through guidance to NRAs and cooperate with NRAs, European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA), national financial authorities and competition authorities and other relevant authorities on REMIT policy and data collection and transparency matters; 
  • Providing guidance on compliance with REMIT transparency and reporting obligations to external stakeholders and collect the data for assessing and monitoring wholesale energy markets, including the registration of reporting parties, the provision of guidance on data collection through the REMIT Reporting User Package according to the REMIT Implementing Regulation and, in cooperation with MSC, secure that data is of sufficient quality to be used for surveillance purposes;
  • Establishing mechanisms to share collected data with NRAs, competent financial authorities of the Member States, national competition authorities, ESMA and other relevant authorities (as well as academia and the public);
  • Developing, enhance and maintain the Agency’s REMIT Information Systems, including the European register of market participants, for the collection and analysis of the data and other information required for market monitoring purposes, including surveillance tools to detect potential instances of market abuse.

MSC Depa​rtment

The Market Surveillance and Conduct (MSC) Department performs hands-on market surveillance, to deter market abuse and foster confidence in the well-functioning of energy markets. The department performs the following tasks:

  • Monitoring and assessing of market data on anomalous instances; 
  • Notification of suspected market abuse instances to national regulatory authorities for energy (NRAs); 
  • Coordinating with and of NRAs during investigations; 
  • Providing guidance to NRAs on market abuse definitions; 
  • Securing consistency in the application of market abuse provisions.