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TYNDP 2011-2020

The Agency adopted the required Opinion on the ENTSOG's Ten-Year Network Development Plan 2011-2020 on the 16 September 2011, within the prescribed two months period after ENTSOG’s submission. As transposition of the Third Package directive into national legislation was not yet finalised in most Member States at the time when the first ten-year network development plan had to be developed by ENTSOG, the national as well as regional development plans were still lacking in most Member States and regions.    

Every two years ENTSOG is required to draw up a public, non-binding Community-wide ten-year network development plan which looks forward over a ten-year horizon and includes a European supply adequacy outlook. The periodically updated network development plans are essential for facilitating the implementation of key infrastructure projects required for the completion and the operation of an integrated, competitive and transparent Community-wide gas market, and enhancing security of gas supply. Ten-year network development plans are also prepared at the national and regional levels by the relevant bodies and institutions.    

ACER provides, within two months from the day of receipt of the ten-year network development plans from ENTSOG, an opinion on the plans, taking into account the objectives of non-discrimination, effective competition and the efficient and secure functioning of the internal markets in natural gas. Pursuant to Article 9 of Regulation (EC) 715/2009, ENTSOG submitted the draft ten-year network development plan for 2011-2020 to the Agency for its formal opinion on 18 July 2011, and the Agency developed an Opinion with input from its staff and in close cooperation with ACER working groups. ​