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Rules for Trading

The Third Energy Package envisages the development of European Network Codes (NCs) in different areas by ENTSOG. The codes are based on the principles and objectives set out in the respective Framework Guidelines (FGs) prepared by the Agency.

According to the 3-year plan, the scoping of the FG Rules for Trading was scheduled for Q4/2013—Q2/2014. The request of the European Commission from the Agency was to explore and assess whether there is need for a FG and NC in this area.

In order to identify problems and issues of relevance in the area of Rules for Trading and to complete the analysis of national regulatory authorities on possible options, the Agency openly invited experts and created an ad-hoc expert group on 8 January 2014, with 11 selected experts.

On 14 April 2014, the Agency launched a public consultation on the need and scope of potential Framework Guidelines on Rules for Trading (FG RfT) in order to collect the views of the stakeholders.

Given that the Network Codes are still being developed or are in the process of implementation, the Agency decided to recommend to the Commission (on 3 June 2014) that there is currently no need to launch a new FG/NC process. This is also in line with the views expressed by most stakeholders in the public consultation and in the expert group.        
Hence, the Agency will not start the work on new binding rules, rather will assess the issues after the implementation of the codes and decide, whether further harmonisation is necessary.        

The Agency’s intention is also to review and assess whether remedies are needed, when it comes to:

• different capacity products on offer
• different contractual terms and definitions
• design and procedures of virtual trading points, once the NC Balancing is implemented
• secondary capacity markets and ways to facilitate secondary capacity trading

More information:

• Public Consultation on FG RfT - Evaluation of  responses (3 October 2014)
• Public Consultation on the preliminary scoping on a potential FG on Rules for Trading - Questionnaire and stakeholder responses (14 April – 12 May 2014)
• Minutes of the Expert Group Meeting (29 January 2014)
• Invitation Letter for an ad-hoc Expert Group (8 January 2014)