Consultation launched on Gas Interconnection Points between the EU and the Energy Community and within the Energy Community

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What is this public consultation about?

​The EU Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER) and the Energy Community Secretariat (ECS) launched today a joint public consultation regarding gas capacity on a number of interconnection points (IPs) on the borders of the EU and the Energy Community and within the Energy Community.

The consultation focuses on capacity offering and use and aims at reaching a better understanding of market needs, approaches to avoiding network interruptions, and optimising capacity availability at gas interconnectors between the EU and the Energy Community and within the Energy Community. The results of the consultation will benefit market integration, competition and ultimately gas consumers.

ACER and the Energy Community Secretariat are particularly interested in hearing from users (actual and potential) of gas transport capacity and other services provided by transmission system operators (TSO) on the gas pipelines concerned.

By way of this consultation, both organisations seek to gain a firmer understanding of stakeholders' views on best practices in pursuit of enhancing connectivity, optimal use of existing capacity, market integration, and competition at the concerned IPs.

ACER and ECS consult the market to better understand market needs and to learn about possible approaches to avoid network interruptions and to optimise in general terms the capacity availability at EU/ Energy Community IPs.

The questionnaire is framed to allow respondents to share their views on approaches ensuring the optimal use of capacity and secure and reliable flow of gas, whilst allowing for proper cooperation with regard to improving gas network services at the relevant IPs.

Input from the consultation will be used by ACER and ECS to derive and share possible best practices in view of achieving better functioning markets, efficient use of infrastructure and improved security of supply.

Replies to the consultation can be submitted by 30 June 2021 23:59 hrs (CET).

To learn more and submit your views, visit the P​ublic Consultation webpage​​.

ACER and the ECS will analyse the responses received will publish a summary of the consultation, including an evaluation of the responses.