ACER has reached a Decision on the definition of capacity calculation regions

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Why is it relevant?

​The European Union Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER) has reached a Decision on all Transmission System Operators (TSOs)' proposal defining the Capacity Calculation Regions (CCR).​

This definition includes all the​ European Union's bidding zone borders and groups them into the different capacity calculation regions. This is relevant for the functioning of the internal energy market, as it simplifies processes by forming such sub-groups (i.e. CCRs).

The determination of CCRs should combine the bidding zone borders for which the need of coordination is the highest (e.g. taking into account the interdependencies between their cross-zonal capacities) and consider where it is most efficient to apply cross regional coordination. Different regional methodologies (such as capacity calculation, re-dispatching and countertrading) will be applied on the various capacity calculation regions.

This will promote an effective coordination between bidding zone borders, which enables an optimal use of transmission infrastructure across Europe, with consequential benefits for consumers.

This Decision reflects the latest status of the internal energy market, including new or evolved bidding zone borders, additional TSOs and considering UK's withdrawal from the European Union.​

Access the ACER Decision 04-2021 and relative Annexes​.​